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I found this quote by Victor Navasky, as relayed to the Economist by Jay Rosen, pretty interesting:

There’s an ideology of the left, an ideology of the right, and an ideology of the centre. The news system is on guard against too much left or too much right. It is defenceless against any excesses in the ideology of the centre. There you can be as extreme or didactic as you like.

In my earlier piece on the political spectrum I took care not to criticize left and right or praise the center. Media’s goal shoul not be to keep policy discussions balanced; it should be to present the strongest arguments being made, regardless of which “side” they’re coming from.

Here’s Rosen’s list of media outlets practicing the right kind of journalism:

Advertising Age. Gawker. Wired. Voice of San Diego. The New Yorker. The Economist. (Disclosure: You’re The Economist!) Rachel Maddow. Frontline. The New York Times. West Seattle Blog. Texas Tribune (Disclosure: I’m an advisor there). “To the Point” with Warren Olney. The Atlantic. “This American Life”. The Guardian. Jon Stewart.


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